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TEB500 series

The TEB500 series has been specifically conceived to carry out cell culture experiments under flow conditions. Moreover than providing the temperature and gas conditions necessary for cell growth, it incorporates two fully integrated peristaltic pumping systems equipped with multichannel pumpheads. The TEB500 has been designed with a double top door system in order to improve the accessibility to the flow circuits. In addition, it counts on the most advanced autocalibration, remote operation and data logging systems which make it a reliable and robust cell culture equipment.

P3D chambers

The P3D chambers have been designed to hold porous cylindrical scaffolds subjected to perfusion culture conditions. They have been conceived as disposable chambers and are supplied in sterile ready-to-use conditions aiming to facilitate the experimental set-up building process. The chambers are composed of two parts which hold the scaffold and fix it in the right position so the flow is homogeneously distributed through its whole volume. Two sizes are available to adapt to scaffolds of different diameters and lengths.