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TC-3 bioreactor

The TC-3 Bioreactor has been designed as a simple, easy-to-use system suitable to create cell culture experimental set-ups accounting for user-defined mechanical loading profiles. The needs of researchers who would like to culture cells under mechanical stimuli have been accounted for in the design of the TC-3. It combines the features of a traditional testing machine with the particular demands of cell culture, with special emphasis on the sterilization of the parts which are going to contact the culture medium, the easy assembling, the sample inspection by microscopy techniques and the straightforward sample manipulation.

TC-3F bioreactor

The TC-3F Bioreactor, with force measurement capabilities, is the natural evolution of the TC-3 bioreactor. Moreover the advantages of the original version, the TC-3F permits the user to measure the force which is applied on the sample for each tension or compression level. Run up to three simultaneous experiments while the force exerted by the material is recorded. The first load system specifically designed for cell culture with force measurement capabilities.