Live Cell Imaging System

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Omni Pro 12

The Omni Pro 12 represents a state-of-the-art automated live-cell analysis platform engineered for continuous multiwell imaging within the incubator. Elevate your efficiency and streamline your processes with the unmatched user-friendliness, adaptability, and capacity for multiple plates offered by the Omni Pro 12. This versatile instrument delivers insights into cell health, shape, and activity through both brightfield and fluorescence live-cell imaging, complemented by dependable and robust data analysis capabilities.


The Omni is an innovative live-cell analysis platform designed for uninterrupted multiwell imaging, conveniently operated from within the incubator. This cutting-edge system offers unparalleled insights into dynamic biological processes, allowing you to monitor cell well-being and functionality through automated, high-resolution brightfield and fluorescent imaging of live cells. Its adaptability extends to scanning various containers like flasks, microplates, or customized microfluidic chips. Furthermore, the Omni boasts efficient and trustworthy data analysis capabilities facilitated by user-friendly, robust software.


The Axion Lux is a compact live-cell analysis platform created to assist researchers in monitoring cell cultures directly from their incubator. This system offers automated brightfield and fluorescence live-cell imaging, enabling real-time visualization of cell morphology and behavior. With its user-friendly interface and rapid, dependable data analysis capabilities, the Axion Lux simplifies the research process.

Imaging Software

Axion’s software modules for the Omni platform empower you with straightforward assay setup, live cellular visualization, and rapid data analysis. Explore and select the module that best fits your research needs, allowing you to effortlessly convert intricate data into easily comprehensible results.


Cell counting is a crucial step in various experimental, clinical, and diagnostic procedures. The Exact FL is an automated cell counting platform meticulously designed to provide efficient and precise evaluations of cell concentrations and viability. Leveraging advanced optics and image analysis software, it offers an unprecedented level of detail, capable of distinguishing between cells and debris, identifying individual cells within clusters, and accurately quantifying organoids while measuring their sizes.